7 Things You ll Never Regret Throwing Away

Toss out old makeup to avoid potential bacterial growth and infections. Creamy makeup, especially, can harbor bacteria, leading to health issues like pink eye. It's better to cycle through makeup faster than risk health complications.

Old Makeup:

Don't take chances with expired food. Not only can it make you sick, but pantry items may also attract bugs. While something just expired may be okay to consume, it's best to dispose of expired food promptly.

Expired Food:

Let go of clothing that no longer fits to make room for items that fit and bring you joy. Keeping clothes that don't fit can lead to negative feelings about your body.

Clothing That Doesn t Fit:

Avoid letting junk mail pile up by promptly disposing of it in the recycling bin. There's little benefit to keeping unwanted mail cluttering your space.

Junk Mail:

It's frustrating to try playing a game with missing pieces, especially for kids. Declutter by getting rid of games with missing or broken pieces and consider trying something new for family game night.

Games With Missing or Broken Pieces:

Say goodbye to items that remind you of painful memories or a past life you'd rather forget. Letting go of such items can be liberating and help create a fresh start.

Things That Remind You of a Former Life:

Free up space in your home by decluttering broken or unused items. Holding onto these items only contributes to clutter and feelings of disorganization and overwhelm.

Broken or Unused Items: