8 Animals (and Plants!) Surprisingly Genetically Related to Humans


Chimps and humans share an astonishing 98.8% of genes, stemming from a common ancestor millions of years ago.


Dogs possess over 17,000 genes similar to humans, highlighting a deep genetic connection dating back to shared ancestors.


Abyssinian cats share 90% of genes with humans, echoing a common lineage from ancient times.


Studies reveal an 80% genetic similarity between cows and humans, showcasing unexpected parallels in genetic makeup.


Mice serve as valuable models due to an 85% similarity in protein-encoding genes, aiding crucial medical research.


Research uncovers shared proteins between chickens and humans, shedding light on common immune responses.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies exhibit parallels in disease, offering insights into human ailments and paving the way for breakthroughs.


Bananas possess genes akin to human DNA, particularly those regulating DNA replication and cell cycle control. Despite similarities, genetic makeup differs by 1.2%.