8 Classic Dinners That Taste Better as Casseroles

Inspired by the classic ham and Swiss sandwich, this noodle casserole is a hit at church gatherings and can be easily doubled or tripled to feed a crowd.

Ham and Swiss Casserole

Reminiscent of traditional corn dogs, this fun main dish is perfect for fall days and football parties, with flavors that really hit the spot.

Corn Dog Casserole

Rich and zippy, this chicken casserole is a favorite among family and friends, disappearing quickly at gatherings with its delicious nacho-inspired flavors.

Nacho Chicken

Featuring shrimp, herbs, salsa, and three kinds of cheese, this baked angel hair pasta casserole is special enough for guests yet sure to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Angel Hair Shrimp Bake

Creamy, spicy, and packed with flavor, this ultimate mac and cheese includes smoky bacon, chicken, jalapenos, and spicy cheese for a satisfying meal.

Spicy Chicken and Bacon Mac

A twist on chop suey, this casserole features crispy chow mein noodles atop a flavorful beef mixture, sure to become a family favorite.

Chinese Beef Casserole

Inspired by cabbage rolls but without all the work, this hearty casserole layers cabbage with tomato sauce and ground beef for a comforting meal.

Cabbage Roll Casserole

Packed with the flavors of supreme pizza, this crowd-pleasing casserole is perfect for feeding a hungry crowd with its hearty and delicious ingredients.

Supreme Pizza Casserole