8 Fabulous Choppy Bob Hairstyles for 2024

Jaw-Length Shaggy Haircut with Side Bangs

A decent texturizer and layered haircut make choppy haircuts easy to achieve. You may achieve a stylish look at the tips of your fingers with no effort if you additionally add a dynamic hair color like this multi-tonal brown blonde.

Layered Choppy Bob

Do you want a stylish hairdo that's effortless to shape, blow dry, wash, and wear out the door? This is the bob that's right for you; it looks especially amazing if your hair is generally thin. Layering will be used to produce the most realistic appearance of bulk.

Two-Tiered Brown Blonde Bob

If you don't want to appear overly shaggy, you can still have a stylish bob with chopped layers. There are two layers to this haircut, and the edges are trimmed at distinct angles. You obtain a unique cut as a result, one that you won't see on every other girl.

Blonde Bob with Long Angled Layers

Although having flat hair is never a nice look, depending on the structure and shape of your head, this may actually be the case. Teasing shorter layers at the back of your bob cut will add height to the crown of your head.

Choppy Bob with Soft Waves

As much as it has been mentioned, soft waves are a very feminine and attractive way to give movement and volume to your hair. Similar to this choppy cut, the idea is to give them a more natural look by making them appear undone or gently tousled.

Inverted Textured Haircut

A reverse chopped bob resembles a semicircle, with the hair gradually getting longer toward the front and shorter at the neck. Texturizing sprays create a piecey appearance that softens but maintains the boldness of edgy bob haircuts.

Edgy Bob with Chunky Choppy Layers

When your dark brown, choppy bob is jaw length and has sharp edges, it might seem sporty and summery. The messy top gives it a carefree and informal aspect, while the short, shaggy hairdo accentuates the neck. 

Choppy Golden Blonde Bob

Part your fine hair in the middle and tousle the top sections if you want it to look thicker and more opulent. A chin-length bob that has been hacked off abruptly at the ends looks fantastic.