8 Hairstyles for Growing Out Bangs Gracefully

1. Dutch Braid:

These cute Dutch braids can start at your hairline and conceal the truth of having bangs. So here is the 1st rule for you: if you dream about hiding your wily fringe, master the art of braiding. Make your braids tight or lush

2. The Coco Braid:

Here s an ingenious plan to hide the blunt bangs and open your face, imitating a headband. Braid your hair like this, and you ll fall in love with all the comfort and loveliness. Plus one to the list of your favorite hairstyles

3. Middle Part and Natural Bouffant:

Sometimes you just need to see your boring bangs in a new light to diversify the whole styling routine. Try to divide it in the middle into two sections and make an easy bouffant with the help of a rattail comb.

4. Ear Cuff:

Growing out bangs becomes easier when you can already tuck behind the ear. But what if you don t like having to tuck it again and again? Hide your fringe by imitating an ear cuff an extra fashionable accessory. Just braid both sections of your bangs

5. Pin-Up Style:

When you grow out bangs, do not ignore the rest of the hair and various hair accessories that can help you to wake up your inner stylist and create such a lovely pin-up hairdo. Pay attention to bright and catchy pieces which are highly popular this season

6. Ninja Bun:

Buns can keep your hair together, including those disobedient bangs, on the top of the head. Moreover, such topknots look amazing as casual and evening hairstyles. Add a few artificial strands of any color to create a more futuristic and interesting updo.

7. Braided Topknot:

As we ve already mentioned, braiding is the best way to hide your bangs, and this cute braided half-up bun is a perfect hairstyle for achieving the bold forehead and a completely new chic look. Look awesome and stop worrying about your growing fringe.

8. Deep Side Parting:

This hairstyle seems to be created especially for you and your annoying bangs. A deep side part allows to connect the fringe with the rest of your hair. Use a round brush to blow dry the bangs and set hair to one side. Such a sexy and classy hairstyle is perfect