8 Hairstyles for Teenage Girls that Slay in 2024

Side Dutch Braid for Girls

Have you mastered the art of the Dutch braid? It is well worth it for the ostentatious inverted French braid! When you want to pull your hair back in style or are in between hair washes, a side Dutch braid looks great and works nicely.

Teenage Triple-Braid Hairdo

Little French braids give a simple, loose style some edge, as opposed as a large braid, which has a more bohemian attitude. One of the most well-liked cool hairstyles for girls this year is undoubtedly the one worn by "it girls" like Rita Ora and Kylie Jenner.

Braided Ponytail for Teens

When you don't feel like working hard or have overslept, ponytails are an excellent option for school. A playful French braid that feeds into your ponytail on one side might liven up the simple ensemble.

Cool Knotted Braid

Braid varieties are incredibly flexible, allowing for endless experimentation and method tweaking. You can copy this special option here. The raised look and small knotted accents of this diagonal four-strand Dutch braid provide texture and weight.

Loose Curls with a Braided Detail

If you find yourself constantly tucking the front of your hair behind your ears because you don't like the way it falls across your face, braiding a headband is a more elegant solution. You can only work on one side at a time, tucking the end under your loosely hanging locks.

Classy Chignon for Teenage Girls

Sometimes you have to look your best for more formal events like weddings or birthday parties. It's preferable to stick to traditional hairstyles that aren't overly dramatic for occasions like these. The straightforward updo look will gain modest texture with a braided bun.

Stylish Blonde Dragon Braids

Add some creativity and personality to your straight hair by creating dragon braids that are adorned with golden hair cuffs or beads. After class or university, wear this chic hairstyle and hang out with your pals.

Pretty Double Dutch Braids

The only restrictions on casual hairstyle ideas with long hair are one's imagination and ingenuity. Try experimenting with various braiding techniques to create something ethereal and adaptable, like these two Dutch braids that transition into infinity braids and finish with loose waves.