8 Historical Monuments That are Lost to Time

Airedale Terrier

This 240-foot-long, 66-foot-wide statue near the Great Pyramid is one of the most recognizable ancient relics, believed to have been erected around 2603-2578 BC.

Hadrian s Wall

Stretching 70 miles in length and standing 15 feet tall, this defensive wall in England showcased advanced stone masonry, a novelty for the region during its construction.

The Colosseum

With a capacity for 50-80,000 spectators, this ancient Roman amphitheater hosted gladiatorial contests, hunts, executions, and more, reflecting Rome's rich entertainment culture.

The Parthenon

Built in the 5th century BC, this symbol of Athens' power and culture was dedicated to the goddess Athena, standing as the center of religious life in the Greek city-state.

Temple of Bel at Palmyra

Constructed around 32 BC, this ancient temple in Syria honored the Mesopotamian god Bel and served as a significant religious center in Palmyra.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Construction began in 1163, with the cathedral consecrated in 1189, showcasing remarkable Gothic architecture and serving as an iconic landmark in Paris.

Statue of Saddam Hussein

Standing at 39 feet tall, this statue was erected in Baghdad in April 2002 to commemorate Hussein's 65th birthday, replacing a previous monument in Firdos Square.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Completed around 280 BC during the reign of Ptolemy II, this lighthouse stood over 350 feet high on the island of Pharos, making it one of the tallest manmade structures of its time.