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8 Things Which Are a Total Waste of Money, According to Interior Designers

Interior designer Kate Dawson suggests opting for rugs from online stores like Wayfair or Rugs USA instead of splurging on expensive Persian or antique oriental rugs, providing more versatility without breaking the bank.


Instead of customized window treatments, Dawson recommends purchasing mass-produced options from retailers like Anthropologie and Etsy, or getting larger curtains and having them hemmed locally for a fraction of the cost.

Curtains and Rods

Rather than spending hundreds on designer throw pillows, Dawson advises shopping at HomeGoods, HomeSense, or TJ Maxx for affordable yet luxurious options, with new inventory available regularly for seasonal changes.

Designer Throw Pillows

Designer Shay Holland suggests sourcing artwork from thrift stores, outlets, or online marketplaces like Minted to avoid overpriced mass-produced pieces and find unique items that reflect personal style.

Mass-Produced Artwork

Holland recommends limiting purchases of seasonal decor, suggesting post-holiday sales for versatile items like tablecloths suitable for multiple occasions instead of investing in expensive, single-use decorations.

Seasonal Decor

To save on kitchen or bathroom hardware costs, interior designer Samantha Gallacher recommends affordable options from companies like San Diego Hardware Company, Rejuvenation, or multipacks from Amazon.


Deana Lenz suggests finding sconces at accessible prices from retailers like Lulu and Georgia, avoiding the need to spend hundreds on lighting fixtures.


Gallacher advises purchasing pre-owned coffee table books from online retailers like Amazon or searching for used copies at garage sales and thrift shops to save money on decorative books.

Coffee Table Books