9 Dreadlocks Styles For Men That Truly Inspire

Low Ponytail Dreadlocks:

Ideal for black men in conservative work environments, this style offers a professional yet stylish look by neatly tying dreadlocks into a low ponytail, combining sophistication with cultural expression.

Dreadlocks with a Twist:

Blending a fade haircut seamlessly into a collection of dreadlocks creates a trendy and classy style, offering a unique twist on traditional dreadlock hairstyles, popularized by celebrities like The Weeknd.

Curly Dreadlocks:

Adding curls to dreadlocks offers a stylish and textured appearance, providing a fresh take on traditional dreadlock styling and allowing for versatility in texture and appearance.

Twist and Shout Dreadlocks:

This style emphasizes precision and grooming, with carefully twisted dreadlocks creating a neat and well-maintained look, suitable for those seeking a polished and refined appearance.

Criss Cross Dreadlocks:

Even with a small number of dreadlocks, this style offers a creative and non-traditional appearance, allowing for versatility in length, quantity, and texture, providing a unique twist on classic dreadlock styles.

Dreadlocked Rows:

Combining convenience with style, this look features neat rows of dreadlocks that are easy to maintain yet still offer a trendy and classic appearance suitable for various lengths and textures.

Bold Mohawk with Dreads:

Embracing dreads in a bold and stylish manner, this look pairs a clean beard with a baldfade and a cool mohawk adorned with dreadlocks, offering a fashionable and edgy style for black men.

Basket Weave Dreadlocks:

Basket weaving dreadlocks creates intricate and detailed patterns, although it requires time and commitment, the finished look is beautifully intricate and neat, perfect for those seeking a unique and visually striking hairstyle.

Medium Locs with Undercut:

Featuring medium-length locs complemented by a tapered undercut, this style directs attention to the locs while adding dimension and versatility to the overall look, offering a manageable yet stylish appearance.