Drought-Tolerant Plants That Can Handle Dry Weather

Snake Plant

These bold-looking plants have dark green, sword-like leaves often enhanced by variegation in silver, cream, white, or yellow. They can go for weeks without water and tolerate low to bright light.

Ponytail Palm

Named for its resemblance to a peppy, cascading ponytail, this drought-tolerant plant stores moisture in its thick stem. It needs watering every couple of weeks in warmer months


Famous for its ability to soothe burns, aloe is a spiky succulent with plump, toothed leaves. It requires infrequent watering, bright light, and grows slowly, reaching up to three feet tall and wide.

Burro s Tail

This gray-green succulent has lush, jelly bean-shaped leaves on trailing stems. Water it like any other succulent, keep it in bright light, and with proper care, it may grow a couple of feet long.

Sago Palm

Slow-growing with leathery, dark green fronds, sago palms add a tropical touch to any room. They prefer well-drained soil and medium to bright light, eventually reaching up to five feet tall.


Tough and drought-resistant, pothos has glossy foliage and spreads on vines up to eight feet or more. It tolerates low to bright light and drying out between waterings


Also known as zebra plant, it has white-striped foliage and thrives on minimal care. It prefers bright light and soil that dries out a bit between waterings, staying compact at less than a foot tall and wide.

Cast Iron Plant

Practically indestructible, this plant tolerates low light, low humidity, and infrequent watering. It has broad, dark green leaves and grows about two feet tall and wide.